Friday, October 28, 2011

Family Fun Night

Trick or Treat!

It's that time of year again, so remember to be good, and you can always phone home if you get into trouble!

It would be a fun family night to have a costume party, or maybe a costume making party. As I was growing up it was all about making the costumes. Never wore a store bought costume in my life. That was the fun of it, trying to figure out what we could scrounge up around the house, what clothes we could alter, and how we would do our hair & make up. Often we did these things only a week or a few days in advance,
sometimes even last minute.

Times have changed a lot. When my kids were little their first Halloween experience was at a Mall going store to store. It seemed the safest thing to do at the time. Another year when they were still pretty young we had an afternoon costume party and invited friends & parents. A pinata for the kids ensured that everyone had great fun and got some treats. Party games, apple cider and some healthy snacks made this even far more enjoyable than going door to door.

These past few years very few kids even come to our door even though we decorate & have a sign. Our city has created so many rules that they've taken the fun out of it, so lots of people go to other nearby towns. However, safety is a priority when it concerns kids, and there are many ways to have fun on Halloween besides trick or treating at night. One third of the fun is dressing up, one third is getting candy, the other third is doing it together and seeing all the other costumes. How many ways can you have fun with that?

What are your Halloween traditions? Are you making costumes, going to a party or doing something fun?


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  3. We always let our two boys have a Halloween party here at the house & they invite everyone in their grades.... needless to say we have tons of kids here, but it's so much fun. Then we go trick-or-treating on this one main road in our town where every house is giving out candy! Lots of fun!!!

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  5. Looks like we will be having snow for Halloween this year!
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  6. I love the pumpkin. We usually to the community center where different businesses and organizations have fun game booths and kids win candy.It's a fun way to celebrate Halloween in a small town.

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  7. Great Halloween pictures! We found that no one was going door to door in our neighborhood last year. My boys were the only ones and there was only one neighbor participating. What I have seen is that a LOT of churches and community organizations host fall festivals and Halloween parties to provide that safe and fun environment.

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