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Wherever You Go, Whatever You Do...

Be together
Be who you are
Enjoy each other
Share your heart,
Your time & energy,
That's all it takes!

Even if you don't have the time or the money to do lots of activities with your family, investing a little bit of time & energy on a regular basis (make a play date, weekly or monthly) is all it takes to have some fun and create lasting memories. Consider these inexpensive ways to have fun.

1. Play card games or build card houses.
2. Play board games (pick them up at yard sales).
3. Friday night pizza & movie at home (could be a tradition).
4. Go for nature walks (start young).
5. Cook-out & camping in the back yard.
6. Wrestle in the yard or living room.
7. Exercise together - walk, run, bike ride, swim, etc.
8. Do art & crafts with found objects.
9. Garden or grow potted plants together.
10. Read or make up stories together (the library is free).


  1. Thank you for adding my button.

    I love doing anything that is with my girls. Our favorite activities my girls look forward to everyday is reading time. When the weather was warmer I would hook up the bike trailer and we'd bike to the library once a week and pick out our new collection of book. Kids really love when you read to them. I've made sure its the most important thing we do every day.

    Another thing my girls love is going for a daily walk or ride on their bike and tricycle.

  2. That is so true Veronica, kids love stories & reading together. Simple pleasures like going for a walk or bike ride make life beautiful.


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