Are you an otter or a golden retriever? 
Are you blue, red, green or yellow? Perhaps you are ISFP or INTJ, Scorpio, Aries or Virgo, a Tiger or a Rat? Is your aura purple or pink? There are endless possibilities these days for learning about personality traits, and it's all a lot of fun. The important thing is that understanding ourselves and others is valuable. Finding similarities and accepting differences helps us get along well with each other.

Helping your child understand personality differences will help them value their own uniqueness and appreciate others as well. They will feel more secure knowing that it is natural to like some people more than others. You can help them become open to learning from many types of people by helping them understand a little about personality traits. This can be done in a very natural way as circumstances & situations present themselves, or you can have some fun studying your own family members personality traits together.

Resources for Personality Traits:
Myers Briggs

The 4 Temperament Types

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