Monday, November 28, 2011

Cyber Monday Everyday

This is not an advertisement, it's just an observation. We can go on the internet anytime of day or night to look for things we want, gifts for others or good deals. But perhaps the idea of Cyber Monday gives us the chance to plan ahead, to get things done early & efficiently for the holidays, so that we can spend more quality time with family. At least that's the way I like to look at it.

I've never gone shopping on Black Friday, it's just not my thing. For many
years we've celebrated my daughter's birthday on the day after Thanksgiving because we are already with family and the date is usually very close. That's also another reason I need to plan ahead. Planning & the internet has been a tremendous help over the years for me to be able to keep my sanity and enjoy the holidays.

I used to send out 200 Christmas cards every year, but now I email most and send out about 40. I don't actually like shopping very much, so I try to avoid the malls during the holidays. When I go shopping I go in the morning with a list of specifics. Now I find that most things can be purchased online and I can avoid the headaches of traffic & crowds, spending more time with family & friends.

The List has been my lifesaver time & time again. Online or in store a list saves time & money by helping me stay focused. It's so easy to get distracted while shopping, and searching for the unknown is almost hopeless. The list has each person's name I need a gift for, and a couple ideas beside each name. We've always had birthdays in Nov. Jan. & Feb. so those are an extra column on the list.

For me, the holidays are not about shopping, food or decorations; the holidays are about loving people. So I want the shopping, the food and the decorations to express love, but it doesn't work if I'm frazzled & stressed out. There were times when I tried to do too much and ended up frustrated. So that is how I developed a plan to enjoy the holidays.

The Plan has a title: Peace & Love for All
The list begins in late Oct. or early Nov. The decorations are minimal but have been gradually collected over the years giving them the feeling of tradition. The kid's help decorate. The cyber shopping begins the week after Thanksgiving (as well as cards) so I can plan to do any store shopping that might be necessary by the 2nd week of Dec. Never took the little kids shopping with me, grandma usually helped them make gifts. Then all that's left are the email cards and the meal planning, which are easy. Now that my kids help with cooking I can enjoy the holidays even more.

So this holiday season I'd like to encourage you to stress less, enjoy more, and spread the love & peace to all. May your lists be complete and your cyber shopping efficient & productive so your time can be spent in the ways that give your holidays the most value to you and your family.


  1. I am hopeful thay this year will not be as hectic as ones in the past.

  2. Thank you for stopping by my blog and your kind words about my natural toy list. I love doing them and they help remind me of what I have or need. I can't picture how anyone lives without lists for the holiday season. I have a holiday database next to my budget, a program my husband made me. It helps so much to see things clearly. Under the names are the name of the item, there I got it, how much I paid, if it was a sale, and if it is an item still in research, if it is pending, in-route, here and then finally if it is wrapped. Wrapped is in the color green as it is a wonderful color that lets me know I can relax. LOL I agree with you, the holidays are about love and we need to make the things that help us show our love as simple as possible so we have more time with those we care about.

    Folling you now too!


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