Friday, December 30, 2011

Family Fun Night

Do you have a tradition of reflection and renewal? This is my last Family Fun Night post for 2011 and I'm thinking about this past year. A lot has changed in our family and it continues to change as our children grow up, however this is one tradition that I hope will stick with our kids.

When our children were little we would have a family photo album night on New Years Eve. We would look through the pictures of the past year and remember all the good times we had. Sometimes this would also lead
into comments like, "oh yeah, right after that photo you (did something or said something)". Many different types of memories would come up from each persons point of view. This became an opportunity to not only remember the good but also to air any grievances, or simply laugh about our silly squabbles.

After this we would share some goals or aspirations for the next year. As parents, we tried to make our goals realistic and attainable so we could give our children an example of being able to accomplish goals. When they were really young we would help them make goals, such as learning to tie shoe laces, etc. Before bed we would have a family prayer thanking God for everything, for being able to learn and grow and be together. Regardless of whether you have a faith or not, everyone can agree that there are many aspects of life that we have no control over, so expressing gratitude for the year that has past is a way of affirming the value and goodness that is inherent in life.

As the kids got older we would let them stay up and watch the fireworks, or watch the ball drop in Times Square on TV. Teenagers may eventually want to go to New Year's parties, but hopefully they will choose their friends wisely, and after having a strong family tradition of reflection, they will think seriously before doing anything stupid. We can't control everything our kid's do, but we can give them values, a good example, and a way to begin again and make new goals to do better.


  1. Great post! Having that family time is so important, no matter what you are doing :).
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  3. I love the tradition of looking through photo albums on New Years Eve. I may steal that for when my kids are a bit older.

  4. What a nice idea, when my so is a little older I think I'll do this too. Following you back.

  5. Family Photo album night sounds great. I know everyone enjoyed that. Me and my kids love looking at old pictures! Happy New Year!

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    Happy New Year!


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  9. What a great idea, love doing stuff like that! Thanks for liking my FB page, following back :)

  10. yes
    our traditions have changed
    as our kids have aged

    when they were toddlers
    we would let them bang pots and pans
    if they were still up at midnight

    one thing has remained the same

    we always get together with friends
    to ring in the new year
    with laughter
    and fun

    thanks for following me
    and i am following you right back!


  11. New Year's Eve is our Family Fun Night as well. We call it "No Rules" night which refers to the menu & bedtime. Everyone picks their favorite appetizers & we watch movies and play games. The teens like to go to the New Year's Eve dance at church--and we're good with that because it's safe and supervised, but otherwise, we all spend the evening together making great memories.

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  13. That's a nice idea ~ thanks for sharing!
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