Thursday, December 15, 2011

I Love This Bunny

His Name is Howard B. Wigglebottom -
- and he has got a story to tell! As his name suggests, Howard can be wiggly, bouncy and full of fun, but Howard is like any other kid who needs to learn, grow and gain some confidence.

I was delighted to come across this website recently, the We Do Listen Foundation. Their mission is to support parents and teachers in their efforts to build self-esteem, confidence and character in children. The greatest thing about this site is that they have FREE animated books, songs, games and activities that you can interact with right on their site. There are also lesson plans and posters that can be printed for free. You can purchase the hard cover books at a great discounted price if you prefer.

I enjoyed hearing the stories read to me while viewing the pages turn, as well as playing the games, and I'm an adult! This would be a great supplement for any home, public or private school curriculum for pre-K through early elementary. It would also be a great (free) holiday stocking stuffer for your little one. Just print a poster and a coloring page, roll it up and put a bow on it. Then after your child unwraps it, take them to the website for a story and a game. They will love it! They can even make their own music or book.

So check the We Do Listen Foundation out for yourself, I'm sure you'll agree that these are stories and lessons that any child will enjoy and benefit from.

I have not received any compensation for this review, these are my personal opinions and recommendations.

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