Monday, December 19, 2011

Proactive Parenting

Being Proactive as a Parent is kind of a precursor to discipline. I think the more proactive we can be, the less we will find ourselves trying to control our children's behavior. Of course there are always times when kid's will misbehave, but even then using a proactive step might avoid more serious disciplinary measures.

What is being proactive as a parent? You could say it's focusing on the positive, but also it's about building a relationship where your child can really feel your love, and that you care deeply about them, and respect them. Of course we love our children, but they don't always appreciate that or feel it the way we think they should. So I've listed the Top 10 Tips that I've found very helpful in building a positive relationship with my children.

Top 10 Tips - Click Here To Read More

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