Sunday, December 4, 2011

Why I Added A Store

Some women love to shop, right?
Not me, sorry. I don't enjoy going to the mall or the grocery store. Am I a strange person? I just get bored or overwhelmed or tired or frustrated on shopping trips and it seems like such a waste of time & effort.

I usually only go shopping when I know exactly what I need and where to get it. On the other hand, I enjoy looking at catalogs, fliers & advertisements in the newspaper and magazines, and on the internet. It's kind of entertaining to me just to see what's available and where to get it, but know that I don't
have to buy anything unless I really need it or want it.

For me, the internet is a perfect shopping solution. When I know what
I want I can quickly search for it. It's faster comparing store prices on the internet than driving from place to place or walking around the mall. It's easier to find unique things on the internet than it is at all the franchise & name brand stores. But most of all, there are lots of good prices, good deals, and free shipping that also saves on gas.

You've probably noticed that I like Amazon. My 2 college kids showed me how helpful, cheap and fast getting things from Amazon can be. They are both good students on scholarships and working part time to pay their way, so you know they are looking for bargains, especially on textbooks and accessories. I like the book prices on Amazon because I have no problem buying cheap used books, and I love reading!

However, I continue to find it amazing how many different types of products Amazon offers. I just found a set of Thomas the Tank Engine draperies for $11, that's cheap. Also there was a painted wood Elmo toy organizer with 3 shelves and 9 bins for just $19.99. You can't even find a price like that at Wal Mart or Target. If you don't want Elmo you could paint it and still come out cheaper than buying it somewhere else. So that's why I like using Amazon, it's so easy and there are so many good finds.

On my sidebar I advertise companies that offer something unique, educational or just fun. Stuff that I find valuable and I think other families might enjoy too. You might notice I have a new page tab that says "Do Your Shopping Here". It used to be labeled "Products", and it's basically the same page but with a new link at the top. That link is to my Heart to Heart at Home aStore (powered by Amazon). I offer it as a convenience to visitors on my site. It's family friendly (I've filtered out a lot) but there's still tons of items. Not everything is cheap, but it's easy to find the things that are.

I'm not thinking this website is going to make me rich, I'm not even expecting it to support me. I just enjoy sharing the great resources I find on the internet, as well as the parenting information and other fun stuff. The small percentage I might get from the ads or the aStore will go toward improving this site and I also hope to donate to Wish Upon A Hero. These are hard times and many people are struggling, including my family. We live on a really small budget and we have just as much debt as the next guy, but at least we have a roof over our heads. Wish Upon A Hero helps many people in many ways, from disaster relief to short term financial problems and more. Check it out, there's a widget on my sidebar.

So that's why I added a store to my site. It's a money saving family friendly resource that I enjoy using. I hope you might enjoy it too. I'm only going to put advertisements on this site that I feel have some type of value for families. But what I mostly want to share with you are the wonderful ways we can build bonds of love, appreciate each other and enjoy family life. 

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