Sunday, January 15, 2012

Blog Ranking Tip

Happy Sunday Friends! I Have Something To Share...

Did you know that adding your blog to a directory can help drive more traffic to your blog? Maybe you know that already, but maybe you haven't been satisfied with the results. You don't know if people are voting for you unless they leave you a comment saying they did, and if you've only added your blog to a directory
recently it's probably pretty far down in rank.

Is it really worth it you wonder? There are all different kinds of directories out there, and each one may work a little differently. I want to tell you about one that I think has a really good plan.

Recently I joined Blog Nation. I like the clean professional look and streamlined organization of it. The most important thing is that I can easily manage my account & profile, find & vote for my own blog, and add other blogs on the same account. You can ad a badge or a text widget to your blog so your followers can vote for you whenever they visit your blog, but there's also an even better way to increase your ranking.

You can refer your blogging friends with a special URL, and each friend who creates their own account will cause your blog to rank higher. The reason this is so great is that each one of them can do the same thing. This is not a multi-level marketing scheme! You get ranking points only from the people who sign up from your link, that way it's fair for everyone.

For example, if you sign up under me it's like one vote for my blog, thank you very much! But maybe you have more friends than I do and you get 20 people to sign up under you - that's getting 20 votes for you. Yeah you! It's as easy as that. I like that straight forward approach, no pyramids. Besides that, Blog Nation Really Rocks!

Since I've given you this great tip wouldn't you like to do me a favor and sign up under me? Here's my special URL: Just click and create your own account. You must complete the account sign up process for me to get credit. It's really easy though.

After you have an account you can share this info with your friends and get them to sign up using your link. Share a post like this through your social media networks (after your account is set up) and see your ranking go up in Blog Nation. I think you'll like it once you see what a great directory it is!

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