Friday, January 20, 2012

Yester Year Soap Review

One birthday long ago when I was a teenager, I received what I then thought was a rather boring gift. Being a teenager, I was looking for music, jewelry, clothes and all the other trendy items of the day. However, this unassuming and unexpected gift became my favorite, not only for that birthday, but for many years to come I looked forward to the possibility of receiving a box of handmade soap as a gift for any occasion.

Once you've used all natural, handmade soap it's hard to go back to the commercial brands. So I'm very happy to have the opportunity to review products from Yester Year Soap Company. As soon as I opened the mailer I was impressed by the way the soaps were packaged and the fragrance that gently enticed me. It was reminiscent of gifts enjoyed in the past. The colors and flavors looked luscious, Orange Patchouli, Vanilla Honey, and Green Tea Mint. I struggled to decide which to try first.

These days I have to be careful of what type of soap I use because my skin tends to become dry and itchy. Even natural soaps can cause dryness if the fatty acids are not balanced properly. Yester Year strives to find that balance between moisture and lather, while keeping it simple and unaffected by harsh chemicals. The soap is made from plant oils and the fragrances are either essential oils or blends of natural aroma components that are created to smell like the real thing. I liked the fact that the aroma was gentle and not overly perfumed.

I tried the Orange Patchouli first, which left me feeling clean, invigorated, and comfortable. However, the natural orange oils were a little strong for my more delicate parts, so I decided I would try the Vanilla Honey next. In the mean time my husband really enjoyed the orange bar of soap. Clean, deodorizing, not harsh but lasts long.

The Vanilla Honey was pure pleasure to my skin. Smooth and silky yet easily washed off without leaving a residue. Soft on every part of my body and no itchy dryness afterward. This is the experience I want from soap. For more gift ideas, reviews and info visit the Yester Year Blog   


  1. I'd love to try all natural soap! My family has very sensitive skin, especially my kids and I'm sure it would be better for them! :) Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm returning the follow :)

  2. ooooh I love handmade soap! I have dry and sensitive skin and so am always a bit 'eek!' when it comes to trying new products but these sound great!
    Thanks fo much for visiting my blog! Following you back now and looking forward to reading lots more :D


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