Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Family Fun

I Wish The Phone Would Stop Ringing!
"One night, telephone solicitors kept interrupting our supper. When the phone rang yet again, my husband answered it. By his remarks, we assumed it was his friend Ed, a notorious practical joker. Hubby kept saying things like, "Cut it out, Ed. This is very funny, but I know it’s you. C’mon, stop it or I’ll hang up. I’ll get you for this." When he hung up, I asked, "Was that Ed?" "No," he replied.
"It was a salesman, and I don’t think he’ll call back."
My youngest son just hangs up on them when he can tell it's a telemarketer. I used to be sympathetic because a long time ago I once had a job like that, taken out of desperation. I hated it, and fortunately it didn't last long because I went into labor early. After that experience I told myself I would never take another phone soliciting job. Now, I just think that too many companies are doing it and it's really annoying.

I try to ignore things that are annoying. My husband likes to make fun of annoying things. I usually try to be polite. My husband likes to joke around and stir up reactions. We have some very entertaining family moments, even without the phone calls.

What do you think of telemarketing? Does it disrupt your family dinners or have you been able to get on that list that's supposed to stop them from calling?

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