Monday, February 13, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

When I was growing up, every year on Valentine's Day there was a little gift on the table at my place when I came out to breakfast. It might have been a tiny box with 4 little chocolates inside, or some other little treat or trinket, not expensive just thoughtful. And there was always a card.

As a child I did not fully appreciate this effort, it was nice, but I don't know if I would have missed it if it didn't happen. Children tend to take things for granted and not always realize the heart and effort that went into it. However, when my own children were little I attempted to continue this tradition. Then I realized how much thought and care my mother invested
in her own children.

With busy lives and many concerns, it's not always easy to remember the little things that make people smile or feel loved. Even when we do remember a holiday, a birthday or other special day, sometimes we feel limited by time or money or even interest. Have you ever felt that the ones you love are not interested in what you do for them? Loving someone is not always easy.

So, in honor of my mother and father whose love for me was like a rock, I offer this little piece of advise; keep loving no matter what. It will make a difference, it does make a difference in the long run. Love is the source of life, it is the heart, the impulse, the creative energy, and the direction of life, so it is the greatest thing that we can celebrate. Even though we might only celebrate in a small, cute or even silly way, it has value.

Valentine's Day is not about girlfriends & boyfriends or chocolates & roses, it's about showing someone how much you care about them, in whatever way you can. How sweet is that? Sweeter than candy.

Happy Valentine's Day to You and Your Family!

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