Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Family Fun

Driving Lesson
As she slid behind the wheel for her first driving lesson, my daughter couldn’t contain her excitement. "You need to make adjustments so the car is comfortable for you as the driver," I began. "Now, what’s the first thing you should do?"
 "Change the radio station," she said.

Have you taught your children to drive?

It can be difficult, both parents and kids feel nervous. I taught my kid's the basics so they wouldn't be completely clueless when they took Driver's Ed, but it was a test of my nerves. Fortunately they became good cautious drivers, for the most part. I still have one more to go though! Share your driving stories if you dare, in a comment below.

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  1. AH! I'll be a nervous wreck when my boys start driving. I am so not ready for that! But I agree, changing the radio station is important. ;)


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