Friday, April 27, 2012

Frugal Friday

So Many Deals, So Little Time... 

I've been getting a lot of advertising offers, but that's not my main focus for this blog. Still, everyone likes a bargain, and saving time & money is really important to most families these days. So I've decided to call Friday: "Frugal Friday".

I'm actually not what I would call frugal myself, but I am sort of a minimalist. I don't buy unnecessary stuff. I like nice things, but I don't need (and can't afford) a lot of things. So you might say I'm a very selective shopper, and since I don't like to spend a lot of time shopping, I only shop when there's a need. It's sort of a new definition of frugal, relating more to time, efficiency & necessity.

This Weeks Specials

So here are a few frugal deals I've gathered for the week. Mother's Day is coming up and photo's have often been a treasured gift at our house, especially for grandma. Tea Collection also has lovely clothes for any woman in your family.

Get a 16x20 photo canvas from MyPix2Canvas for only $29. Makes a great gift for Mother's Day!
    Beautiful Wall Art, prints on canvas from your own favorite photographs. Preserve & share your precious memories in style.

    Tea Collection
    Clothing for Women, Babies & Children!

    One of my favorite stores, Tea Collection has been awarded with the 2012 "Stylish Tot" Cribsie Award! Tea Collection is committed to designing distinctive fashion collections for children inspired by different cultures around the world. I am overjoyed that Tea Collection has been awarded one of the most coveted awards in the Baby Industry!

    Summer is coming too...
    Tea Collection
    Don't forget to browse for your kid's summer vacation wear while your looking for the perfect Mother's Day gift (for yourself maybe?). Here are a few ideas to get started: beach themed outfits, tie dye patterns, mixing in modern batik motifs, surfy stripes, breezy fabrics rompers for girls, photo real nature inspired prints, bold, and ikat inspired patterns for girls and boys.

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