Sunday, December 15, 2013

The Gift of Love

Giving - Stress

This is the season of giving, but should giving be stressful? I've always struggles with this part of the season - the stressful part. we love to give, we want to make others happy, sometimes we feel obligated to meet expectations, and sometimes there are way too many expectations.

Here are a few ways to reduce Holiday stress that I've used over the past 10 years while my kids were growing up.
  1. Reduce expectations by clarifying our family financial situation, and creating a budget together.
  2. No last minute shopping, plan ahead & buy online whenever possible.
  3. Encourage the gift of service
  4. Encourage the gift of spending time together
  5. Encourage creative gift-giving (making gifts)
  6. Allowing everyone to help in meal preparation
  7. Keeping the emphasis on the family experience of having fun together instead of  on "getting presents".

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