Saturday, April 21, 2012

Who Is Your Role Model?

Girls’ Top Role Models Are Their Mothers - Guest Post

Our mums are great role models, and a recent study from Dove has shown just how important our mothers are.
The research was taken from a selection of 11 to 17 year-olds, who were each asked who their role model was. An impressive 37% of respondents said their mum was their role model, which is great news for us mothers out there!

8% stated that Cheryl Cole was their role model, 4% said Angelina Jolie, 3% answered with Kate Middleton, whilst Jessie J and Rihanna each gained 2% of
the vote.

This research highlights just how much an effect good mothering can have on our children.
The Dove and Lexis findings have been launched to coincide with the Dove 2012 Campaign for Dove Self Esteem Programme (DSEP) which highlights how important positive role models are, such as mothers, in order to help young girls receive a boost in their confidence and to help them achieve their personal and professional ambitions.

Amy Castle writes for Direct Sight, a leading provider of men’s and women’s glasses online.

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