Thursday, May 3, 2012

Family Fun

Blocks Forever

If you want an entertaining creative project for all ages that never loses it's versatility, think about blocks. Good old fashioned building blocks! I know you think it will be boring, your kids will lose interest soon, or it's too much to clean up. These problems can be remedied with a little creativity and encouragement. Here are a few ideas to keep
them interested:
  • Combine several types of block sets such as Lincoln Logs, plain blocks,
    colored blocks, etc.
  • Find cabinet maker's scraps for unusual shaped pieces of wood.
  • Help your kid's learn to build taller, wider, or unusual structures.
  • Remember that everything they build is good, there's no right or wrong way.
  • Embellish block play with other small toys such as dolls, cars, animals or even fabric & doll furniture.
  • Make destruction and clean up part of the fun.
When my first child was 18 months I started building towers and castles for him because he couldn't do it himself. He would charge at it and knock them all down, so I made that process into a game by rebuilding and letting him knock it down again several times. Then we would play a clean up game by throwing the blocks one by one into a box.

As my son got older he learned to build by himself. He enjoyed blocks the most between the ages of 4 and 7 when he would use them with his toy cars and action figures. He could have hours of solitary playtime once he learned to build by himself, and he would proudly show us his creations.

My daughter became the one to love blocks the most because she could build houses and castles for her
small dolls. Eventually she used the blocks as furniture, stairs or other accessories with other dolls and doll houses. 

Every child is different though, and our youngest did not get interested in blocks, so the blocks were kept at Grandma's house along with all the other "old fashioned" toys. Whenever we would visit the grandparents for a weekend, eventually I would find my daughter playing with the blocks. Even last winter on her 21st birthday. Some kids never grow up, and that's okay, we all need to pay attention to our inner child sometimes.


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