Thursday, May 10, 2012

Family Fun

Family Camping Trips - Guest Post

Whether you’re seasoned campers or this is your first time, it’s only natural to wonder how you’re going to fill the long days and even longer nights without a trusty television or games console to keep you (and the kids) occupied. Pack your bags into your campervan or car and head off.
With that in mind, why not make the most of the surroundings and enjoy
some traditional and not so traditional camping escapades:

Hiking or Walking
Whether you’re an experienced hill or mountain walker, or a novice who simply likes the countryside and the fresh air that a good walk provides them, camping is the best possible solution for walkers. Not only will you get to take in all of the glorious sites of the local area but you’ll get to enjoy all the fitness benefits of walking and the aerobic exercise it provides.

Outdoor Pursuits
If you’re not much of a walker but still want the fresh air and scenery then why not turn to something a little more exhilarating. From cycling to water sports, many countryside areas and national parks have outdoor pursuits centres where you can hire all of the equipment you could possibly want together with the inspiration you need to do something you’ve never tried before. How about clay pigeon shooting, canoeing or orienteering for a real challenge?

Ball Games
One of the principal complaints of adults now is that they never see children out playing. Of course, as soon as children do step outside to play then they’re told not to kick or throw a football anywhere near the road/roses/windows. It would seem that in residential areas the children can’t win. However, the beauty of camping is that there are no such restrictions. Use jumpers for goals and take the kids on for a game of football or a giant game of catch with forfeits for the losing or dropping team (such as cleaning the dirty dinner pans), and watch the fun start!

Story Telling
Ask any grown up what they immediately think of when someone mentions camping and the chances are that they’ll mention story telling. From family history to ghost stories about things in the woods, out on the moors or in the open roads, there’s a story for every occasion and without the distraction of the television or games console, more than one willing listener.

Nature Trails
One of the great things about camping is that it brings the entire family back to nature. Whether you’re in the area of a natural trail of unusual plants or animal life or you want to challenge the kids to bring back a variety of leaves the nature trail is an ideal form of entertainment and if you plan it just right the chances are that they’ll learn something without even realising it!

Local Landmarks and Attractions
Just because you’ve chosen a campsite as your accommodation doesn’t mean however that you need to forsake the entire outside world. Why not explore the local towns, the historical landmarks and the family entertainment they have on. Campsite managers and owners are often knowledgeable in their local area and are sure to be able to recommend the ideal day out for you and your brood. A camper van is the perfect mode of travel when camping.

Charles Reybrack is a freelance writer whol loves the outdoors. He specialises in consumer issues, such as finding the best campervan insurance.

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