Sunday, July 8, 2012

Family Fun

I've been working a lot recently, not at home, and therefor spending less time on my posts. My family is going through that inevitable transition that happens when kids become adults but are not yet interested in starting their own families. They are foot-loose and fancy-free (as my mom would say), having a good time on their own.

It's also a good time for them to learn and grow in new ways and I'm happy for them because they're good kids. However, I do miss our family times. It's been an adjustment for me and working more away from home is helping me through this transition. Less family fun means I have to rediscover other activities I enjoy, so it's a good time for me to learn and grow in new ways too.
There's still time though, to schedule the occasional family dinner. There are still times that we can have some fun one on one, watching a movie, sharing a joke, a college road trip, discussing future plans and laughing over memories. While our lives change and evolve it can take some extra effort to keep those bonds strong, but it's worth the investment because some day our kid's will have their own kid's, and then they'll know why parents do what they do.

During this transition I'm re-evaluating my blog and where I'm going with it. I'm happy to receive any comments or suggestions from my readers. I may be temporarily posting less or more erratically, partly because of my work schedule and partly for the sake of my thought process. In the mean time keep having fun with your family and loving every minute of it!   

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  1. Family time is important and sorry to hear that you have less time lately. Maybe you could make up for lost time later. happy blogging and parenting to you.


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