Monday, March 11, 2013

One Woman

Women Can Heal the World

I was so moved by this song that I had to share it. In large and small ways women have the power, through the love and generosity in their hearts, to bring healing and help in a suffering world.

Woman, Mother, Daughter, Sister, Wife, Friend, a person who deserves to be treated with respect because she is valuable.

Regardless of whether you help a friend, neighbor, someone in your family or an organization that is contributing on the world level, everyone can do something to help another person realize their value and find strength in times of trouble. Here are a few ways that women can promote respect and gender equality at home:

  • Teach your sons to respect you (their mother) by helping them learn to take care of themselves so they will not become dependent on a woman for cooking, cleaning, etc.
  • Teach your sons to respect their sisters, by helping them understand that brothers & sisters are different but equally valuable.
  • Teach your sons and daughters to value and protect their sexual parts for the future, for when they are mature enough to commit to love.
  • Teach your children how to deal with anger and frustration, to find positive outlets and not take their feelings out on other people.
  • Provide opportunities for your children to get involved in fighting injustice and cruelty and supporting equal rights.   

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