Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Kid's Creating Peace

Once again, My Peace TV has featured some great content that would cause all parents to reflect on how we raise our children. When you live in an affluent democratic country it's easy to take for granted the relative peace and prosperity we enjoy in everyday life. It's easy to not concern ourselves too much with major world conflicts while we go about pursuing our personal or family goals and dreams. Perhaps we are missing something more fundamental because we take it for granted.

On the other hand, children and families in the Middle East face face conflict, war, crime, poverty, and suffering every day. What kind of psychological impact would living in a war zone have on your child? Hatred breeds hatred and destruction, but love and respect can restore all things and facilitate peace and prosperity for all. Thank God for the peacemakers who are teaching the children a new way to think and live.

Please watch the following video; it will move your heart with hope.



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