Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Spammers Be Gone!

What is going on with all the spam these days? Why is the spam filter not blocking all of it? Is Blogger going downhill?

I Am Getting Fed Up With It!

Are you having the same problem? I have heard from some other bloggers that they are having the same problem. I don't have this problem on my Wordpress sites. Is it time to switch? I'm asking these questions seriously because I want to know what other Blogger users are experiencing, have you found a solution or are you fed up with it too?

Comparing Platforms

Why do I use both Blogger and Wordpress anyway? I did it in the beginning to compare the benefits of each and find which one I prefer. At first I was able to grow a following faster on Blogger. Later I realized that my following on Wordpress was more real in terms of interaction, leaving comments etc. I get more pageviews on Blogger but recently too much of that is coming from spammers. I enjoy the different creative possibilities of both so I have continued to use both.

Please tell me how you are dealing with the spam issue and what do you think about switching to wordpress?


  1. Hi I read your post about spammers on blogger. I've had several spammers, but I went into my settings to change this and will see if the spamming will continue. I was also thinking about crossing over to wordpress I'll just have to see. Anyway nice post.

  2. Thanks for your real response, I got several spammers on this post as well.


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