Saturday, May 18, 2013


Anyone who's visited my blog more than once might have noticed some changes recently. Yes, I'm rethinking everything; it's a stage of life. Slowly but surely this blog will upgrade.

Transition is a big theme in my life right now because my youngest child is graduating from high school (home school) and getting ready for college. That might not seem like such a big deal if you haven't been there, but trust me, it is a big deal to be facing a truly empty nest when you've spent the greatest part of your life creating that nest and nurturing everyone in it. But it's more complicated than that.

And then there was me...

My oldest son moved home after college until he could get a good job and save up for graduate school. Now he's ready to move out, get an apartment, continue his work and go to graduate school at night. I'm proud of him because he's planning and working hard to create the life he desires. He will be out on his own and totally away from our family for the first time in 24 years. Although he went to college right after high school, it was located only 45 minutes away so we saw him often.

My daughter is in her 3rd year of college in another state. She took a year off before college to do a service program and has been doing internships during her summers, so she's been away for the better part of 4 years already. She just got engaged and they have lots of plans.

My husband, who recovered last year from major heart surgery, needs to go home to Australia. Family things, business, it's complicated so it's an open ended trip. My youngest has been accepted to 2 colleges and we're trying to figure out where he can get the most funding, the best education, and how to come up with the rest of the money it will take. More loans are not an option.

That leaves me in the nest with the cats and a guinea pig. ??? Time to downsize the nest and move on or renovate and recreate? Hmmm......


Blogging has helped me deal with life's transitions over the past 2 years, by giving me a different way to direct my energy and love. I have 3 personal blogs and I contribute to a couple others. I will continue blogging but gradually I'm working on a reorganization plan and new designs. I also work outside the home so everything I do with blogging is just on the side.

Life has many stages, people and families change and grow, and so this blog will also transition but I haven't worked it all out yet. Bear with me, I'm not trashing it. I hope it gets better. For now it's a bit of a mystery to me as well as you.

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