Friday, September 2, 2011


I've been reading a lot of "Mommy Blogs" over the past few months and I really love them. It's wonderful to share our ups & downs and receive support. Recently I've run into a lot of "Mommy Product Blogs" which are interesting as well, but sometimes visually overwhelming. However, everything has a purpose and a place.

I started this blog for a little different reason. I'm kind of in an in between stage right now, between parenting & grand-parenting. My dad passed away a couple years ago and my mom will be 80 next year. They have been a very big part of my children's life, so I've been thinking a lot about what kind of grandparent I'd like to be. I've been thinking about the lessons I've learned in raising my own kids, in being a Parent Educator & how these insights might be passed on to my adult children so they can do a better job than we

Before anyone becomes a parent they think it's just a natural thing, anyone can do it, it's human nature.
However, I remember leaving the hospital with my first child, tears in my eyes, wishing I had a knowledgeable assistant or at least a guidebook or a parenting manual. This on the job training without any supervision was a little overwhelming. Fortunately my own very good mother was not too far away, and my husband was very helpful and supportive.

It's not quite as natural or as easy as we think it should be, to be a parent, because it's meant to be a learning process. Being a parent is part of our journey in life, part of our process of growth as a human being in becoming the best we can be. If I can share something that will help someone else on their way, it will make my journey more valuable as well.

So this is not really intended to be another "Mommy Blog" or "Mommy Shopping Blog", although I think those are very valuable, it's intended to be a resource for building family bonds and getting through the difficulties of "learning on the job."

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