Monday, September 5, 2011


I think I really began to appreciate my mom when she became a grandmother. Of course I loved my mom before that, but something special began to develop when I became a mom and she became a grandma. Sharing that little bundle of joy with my parents after each birth, and continuing to share the love of my children with my parents through the years, has been the treasure of my life.

My parents were so happy to be involved in their grandchildren's lives. They gave so much love &
support through the years that I think my children would not be the same people if their grandparents had not been involved. I can see in my adult children that a lot of their values and traits come more from the influence of their grandparents than from their parents.

The value of inter-generational family bonds is universal, regardless of nationality, race, culture or religion. The sad thing is many children today don't have access to their grandparents for various reasons. Whatever the reason, there are alternatives. Adopt a grandparent while your children are young and nurture that relationship on both sides. Maybe you have a neighbor, a close friend, or an older brother or sister who can share the joys of your family and fill this need. Extended family relationships help children feel secure and rooted in their community and society.

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