Friday, October 7, 2011

Family Fun Night

Indoor Camping Anyone?

When my kids were really little they loved it when I would throw a sheet over some chairs and tables to create a tent or play house. There's something about cubby holes and hiding spaces that children just love. Every now and then they would take a nap inside the make shift tent.

Also when would visit the grandparents for holidays there were not enough bedrooms, so my older two would sleep on an air mattress with sleeping bags in the back hallway. The small entry space off the kitchen
was just big enough for the mattress, but they loved it, somehow it added to the fun of going to Grandma's.

Family camping in the living room. After we bought an old house a new opportunity came along. It can get quite cold here in New England and old houses are very drafty. So sometimes we would all bring our sleeping bags to the living room, watch a movie & camp out together. My husband was not an outdoor camper and it's too cold for that in the winter anyway, so we improvised. The kids loved this even as they got older (without the make shift tent of course).

Sometimes we also camped-in during the summer because it was too hot in the bedrooms and the living room had an AC unit. Tough times can be bonding times too, so whatever the situation, find a way to bring fun and adventure into the family.

Share your happy childhood memories, or what you love to do together now as a family.  


  1. My kids love doing this. We are on school holidays here in Oz and they have camped inside a few times.

  2. Love any kind of camping, but gotta have an air mattress!
    Following you and left you an alexa review!

  3. We love to camp inside. A lot of times my husband and son will just do it and have "a boys night out". It gives them great bonding time :)
    Thanks for sharing, found you at MBS.

  4. I've always wanted to do this. Is it too late for a 20something make an indoor fort?



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