Monday, November 7, 2011

How To Tell If Teens Are Lying To You

I caught a cold from my son this weekend so I'm feeling a little (or a lot) under the weather. So I've decided to take a little break from writing and share a post from Radical Parenting. If you've read my Teens & Tweens page then you'll know this is a site I've found recently that gives advise from a little different point of view.

Recently I read, How To Tell If Teens Are Lying To You on their website and felt it was really good advise. Although we would like to think our kids would never deceive us, it happens. Kid's often lie because they are afraid of disappointing their parents, as well as being afraid of getting into trouble. It's important to catch it early so it doesn't become a habit or a lifestyle. It's important for them to learn that lying makes things worse because it breaks trust and damages relationships.

Go to Radical Parenting to read this article.


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  4. I sure do hope you are feeling better soon.
    I'm happy to say I survived the teenage years with my 3 children during which time I put the "mother's curse" on them... "I hope your children act just like you". Of course I never dreamed I would be a stay at home grandma and would be watching their little devils, I mean darlings :).

  5. That's very interesting. I'll have to read the whole article.

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