Monday, November 21, 2011

So Much To Do

It's a busy time of year. I was away all weekend picking up my daughter from college and visiting friends. Then had a friend visiting me on Sunday and Monday. My older son came home on Monday as well. Shopping for the big meal is next and getting ready for the big day at Grandma's.

Grandma (my mom) is very frail, can't cook anymore, and is having memory issues. I'm so grateful that my young adult & teen kids will do most of the cooking this year. I'm grateful we can still get together at my mom's, with my brother, and my family, because too much change at once can be overwhelming.

Our children grow up, our parents pass away, and we get older. It's a natural part of life but these changes
include a bit of sadness and stress for everyone. However, holiday traditions give us a way to build consistency through the changes in life. They offer children of all ages security and comfort, something to look forward to, and a way to express their own love and appreciation for their families.

As we move through the sometimes hectic & stressful holidays let's put relationships and family happiness first, and perhaps we can lessen some of the pressure and just have fun. I hope you and your family will have lots of good times together and create beautiful memories.

For me, one way of reducing stress is by doing my shopping online with a specific list. Instead of fighting the crowds on Black Friday I go to Amazon and other online retailers that have good prices, and look for the exact item I need for each gift. I can do that any time of day or night and never have to worry about traffic or parking.

Shopping online is a big relief for me and that's why I offer ads here on my blog so you can also have that convenience of online shopping. Your purchases through these ads helps me spend the time necessary to keep this blog going. Thank you to all my readers, thanks for your comments, thanks for following and thank you for your support.

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