Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Family Fun

Differing Opinions
As kids grow up they become more independent and their unique likes and dislikes appear. When they are little they tend to follow the lead of Mom or Dad or an older sibling more easily. When you have a couple teens, preteens and maybe some little ones it can be a challenge to find activities that everyone will enjoy together.

My boys are 6 years apart and my daughter is in the middle. My 1st son and daughter enjoy board games and card games but their little brother
doesn't. My daughter loves role playing, acting, dancing, and anything creative but her brothers just roll their eyes. The boys like video games but my daughter doesn't.

Everyone likes different foods, different types of movies & music, and different seasons of the year. Everyone is unique and that's a beautiful thing, but it's valuable to continue to find ways for the family to have fun together as kids get older because it creates a bond that draws us back home, and keeps us united in heart.

Over the years we made compromises with each other, "If you play this game with us we'll do what you want after." It's good for them to learn the arts of negotiation and compromise. We've also found a few things that we all do enjoy doing together. So here's my little list of bonding activities that have kept our family having fun together over the years.

What we all enjoy:                                                          What we compromise on:
1. History, Science & Nature Museums                             1. Board games
2. Zoos & Farms                                                               2. Rented movies
3. Sightseeing or tourist places                                         3. Restaurants
4. Sledding & snow fun (including shoveling)                    4. When, where & how long.
5. Harry Potter Movies                                                      5. Church events
6. Making Pizza or Mexican food                                     6. Beach fun
7. Going to Grandma's

Does your family have specific things you like to do together that everyone enjoys or do you have to compromise a lot? Share in a comment below.


  1. my boys are both still pretty little (5 and 3). My 5 year old LOVES board games, but it's hard to play when my 3yr old doesn't quite get them yet... but he likes to try, so we do!

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  4. This is true that it’s very difficult to satisfy your kids when you have two or more kids. If I talk about my kids there is only one same thing that they like is playing bowling game.


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