Friday, February 24, 2012

Learning Kits

Have you heard of the BabbaBox?

This is a box full of fun and learning!

The BabbaBox from is a learning tool for parents of pre-school through first grade children.
Each box is theme based, offers 2 to 3 hands on projects, and books, which will help your child explore their
world and learn. The materials and activities are designed to help children engage with nature and the world in new and meaningful ways, and to stimulate their imaginations. There is also bonus online content (like an App for a game) available for each box, and sometimes a surprise gift for mom too.

Create, Explore, Story Tell, Connect, Bonus

Each box is created with the above 5 elements based on a theme for the month. A BabbaBox can be purchased one at a time, or set up as a 3 month or one year subscription. BabbaBox's can be sent as a gift also, a great way for Grandparents, aunts & uncles and other family members to support a young child's development. There are enough materials & activities for more than one child to play and learn over and over again. The kit also comes with instructions and tips for parents or caregivers.

Click the link below and use the coupon code to get this deal!

I know you'll love it! Check out the their Newsletter & Blog while you are there.

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