Friday, March 16, 2012

Craft Artist - Product Review

If you're a regular visitor you may have noticed that I have a new page called Digital Scrap-booking/Crafts. That's because I've been using the Award winning Serif software- Craft Artist, for the past few months and having a blast with it. It's also because, for a long time I have wanted to get started with digital scrap-booking, so I'm planning to share my creativity with a few tutorials here.

Last year when my computer died I looked for a replacement for my (expensive) photo editing software that wouldn't cost a fortune. Since I was unemployed and already replacing the computer, I needed to find lots of alternative software. Ever since then I have been happily using Photo Plus, another Serif product, for all my photo editing. A few months later I tried Draw Plus, to make some business cards and fliers, and I was really
happy with the results.

Serif software is easy to learn and use, very intuitive, great for kids too. It comes with a ton of support, such as video tutorials, an online manual, templates and additional graphic elements. With Craft Artist, you also have access to an online community and store called Daisy Trail. On the Daisy Trail website you can share your creations, learn how others have created, participate in contests, and get free downloads of Digi-kits as well as purchase Digi-kits.

What's A Digi-Kit?
A Digi-kit is a downloadable package of design elements such as: backgrounds, papers, embellishments, frames, and fonts that you use with Craft-Artist or Scrap-book Artist to create your pages, cards or crafts. Each kit has a theme and is color coordinated. You can create from a pre-designed layout or make up your own project. It is so versatile that you can even use it to create backgrounds and headers for your blog. I've put some examples of Digi-kits on my page, as well as a few examples of what I've created with the free kits I downloaded.

My Digital Scrap-booking Project
I have lots of old photos, some in photo albums and some on old hard drives. Now that my kid's are grown I want to make scrap books for each of them. My boys could really care less about all those cute little paper craft products at the craft store, but they would like to have photo memory books. That is what I'm planning to do with Craft Artist.

I hope you'll follow along as I share my Craft Artist creations, and maybe you'd like to give it a try yourself. You can order and download, or get a free trial of the software, online by clicking one of the Serif banners on my site. Unlike other free trials, this one does not expire, you can keep using the limited version free software as long as you like, and upgrade whenever you decide you need the expanded capabilities of the full version.

I've also got my Mother's Day cards ready, I just have to decide whether to print or email them. If you decide to purchase I hope you will use my banners to click through. As you know, affiliate marketing is a very small commission, and I only promote what I feel is a good value for my followers.

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  1. wow you are ahead of the game. I am learning about digital scrapbooking a little at a time. Hugs and happy weekend wishes!


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