Friday, March 2, 2012

Easy Healthy Food

If you've read my Food Page, then you know I'm sort of a reluctant cook. My husband thinks I cook very well, at least most of the time. I usually cook more by spontaneous inspiration than by recipe, however I can easily run out of inspiration. That's why Cook'n Recipe Organizer has been so helpful to me, it's easy to get quick inspiration and new ideas with Cook'n.

I'll tell you a little secret - I rarely read recipes completely. That works just fine with Cook'n because it's easy to just glance at a title, the photo,
and review the recipe quickly to make sure it's not complicated, then one click and I have a shopping list. I find the recipes on Cook'n very easy to follow, or ad lib, depending on my mood. You see, I am a spontaneous cook so my husband calls me the "One Hit Wonder", because nothing is exactly the same way twice.

Then there is my son who loves to cook and wants to be a great chef someday. I really got the Cook'n software for him, because he likes to follow a recipe exactly. However, cookbooks are kind of messy in the kitchen, hard to keep them open and clean. You can use Cook'n right in the kitchen on your PC, Laptop, Tablet, or use an App on your phone, or you can do it the old fashioned way and print the recipe. That's the end of sticky cookbooks with dog eared pages and little pieces of paper hanging out.

I think Cook'n is so great that I've put a link to it on my sidebar so you can check it out. If you love to cook you will love Cook'n, and if you're a reluctant cook like me, then it might just help you. The Salsa Verde on these Nacho's was incredible!

This review is my personal opinion, I did not receive compensation for it.

Are you looking for quick and easy healthy recipes? I'm going to start sharing some of my son's favorites so come back soon!

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  1. I am also a reluctant cooker like you. I have found much interesting on your side bar. It really helps me. Cook'n sounds great! Great job, dude!


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