Friday, September 9, 2011

Books Are Here!

I Love Books! Okay, so maybe I'm a little too excited about this, but I've had a lifelong love of books. It's just that books have helped me so much at every stage of my life. Fun books, self-help books, mysteries, unusual stories, big picture books, how-to books, health books, and of course parenting books.

If you browse through my pages you will see you can now directly order the books I recommend on specific parenting topics by clicking on the book. It will take you to Amazon where you have choices concerning price, and used or new. By purchasing books through my pages you can help to support this site because I will receive a small credit. It's a win/win situation, you get good books at a discount & I get a few pennies for
my effort.

By the way, I only recommend books that I have either read, reviewed or they were recommended to me by a qualified & trusted source. They're mostly books I've read though, and there will be more. I will be adding some good reads for the kids, and various other topics as I come across them. So keep browsing the site, you never know what you'll find.


  1. Thanks for following me on FB! Returned the love. :) What a great idea to have book recommendations for each parenting topic!

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  3. Oooo... I LOVE books too! I always try to tell people to get my kids books for gifts instead of presents. You can never have too many books!

    New follower from MBS - liked you on GFC and FB. :o)


  4. I love books too! Thanks for stopping by my blog...I'm following you back :)


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