Thursday, November 3, 2011

Learning To Read Is Fun!

I taught my first child to read using Hooked On Phonics many years ago. It was a good program but it lacked excitement. It wasn't very interactive and didn't have any entertainment or fun aspects to it. Young children always learn better when they're having fun. That's why I really believe in Looney Tunes Click & Read Phonics.

If they want to spend time on the computer or watching cartoons anyway, why not make their screen time educational? This would be a great addition to any Home School program, or even if your child is learning
well in public school, this could help them enjoy the learning process. Watch this video:
Have you ever noticed how some kids can learn to read in Kindergarten and others don't really catch on until 2nd grade? This is not usually because of intelligence, it's because of different learning styles. The nice thing about Looney Tunes Click and Read is that it causes them to interact physically as well as visually so they can listen and understand better. It's a fact that children learn more when they are engaged, and when they are using more of their senses to take in the information.

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  2. I'll have to look into this program. I have a 4 year old just learning to read. Thanks for sharing.

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