Saturday, October 20, 2012

Halloween Crafts

Home Made Costume

Are you staying home to hand out candy to the daring ones who go door to door on Halloween night? I thought I would dress in black or dark purple and wear this mask I made using Craft Artist. I like easy and fun at the same time.

Invite Them To Come

Where we live, people have to know that it's okay to ring your doorbell. I've always put up a sign as well as leaving the porch light on. To accommodate
this new style of Halloween in our small city, I have been creating stuff to decorate the porch with on the day of the event. My own kids are grown and are more likely to go to a Haunted House, a party, or ignore the holiday altogether.

 Here are a few Halloween projects I've created with Craft Artist.

Fun Flags

These triangle banner flags can be cut out with scissors, holes punched in the top corners, and strung on cord or ribbon, alternating the flag colors. Because they're paper I'm going to print & hang them just before the kids start coming. (If I wanted them to last I could also cover them with clear contact paper).

Candy Sign
Sometimes I leave the candy in a bowl on the porch with a sign saying, "take only two", because the kid's are almost always with parents, and it's broad daylight when they come.


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  1. Love those mask creation. Perfect for a halloween mask party :)

    - Marilyn


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